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    Our story

    Our journey started in Greece a few years ago, continued in Italy and recently Spain. Along the way, we visited amazing landscapes with endless olive groves, watched spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean sea (and took a swim or two!), met local people with a zest for life and high spirits, tasted products with potent aromas & unique flavors, discovered healthy ingredients & secret recipes - in other words, uncovered "The Real Mediterranean Lifestyle"!

    Let us share with you our experiences, discoveries, facts & tips and, above all, great products which are good for your health.


    Taste our delicious foods & cooking ingredients, all-natural (some organic certified) which are basic staples of the renowned Mediterranean Diet.


    Support & improve your health in a natural, safe way with our innovative herbal food supplements made with authentic Mediterranean ingredients, such as olive & olive leaf polyphenols, with proven health benefits.


    Protect, nurture and moisturize your hair & skin with our all-natural cosmetics.


    So many more places to visit, products & ingredients to discover or people to meet - the Gourmante Journey continues. Join us for an unforgettable, tasty & healthy experience!



  • Gourmante - The Real Mediterranean Taste


    Gourmante Food -

    Locally Sourced Products


    Authentic and delicious Mediterranean foods, all-natural with some organic certified, which are basic staples of the renowned healthy Mediterranean Diet. Discover potent aromas, unique flavors & recipes.


    The Real Mediterranean Taste - the Sea, the Spirit, the Landscape, the Flavors

    Gourmante Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplements


    Gourmante Health -

    Herbal Food Supplements


    The first authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplements based on olive fruit, olive oil & olive leaf polyphenol extracts to improve overall health better than any other form of supplementation.


    Mediterranean Living - Improve your Quality of Life

    Gourmante Mediterranean Living Cosmetics


    Gourmante Beauty -

    Natural Cosmetics


    Mediterranean inspired natural cosmetics for face, body, hair & nail care. Upgrade your skincare routine with our newly launched Natural Vitamin E Oil, now also available on Amazon.com


    Mediterranean Living - Protect & Rejuvenate your Skin, Hair & Nails

  • Our Services

    Estonia has one of the world’s leading e-governance ecosystems, offering anyone in the world the possibility to be part of this environment by becoming an e-Resident.


    Being active in the Estonia market since 2007, our company is uniquely positioned to help you complete your e-Residency journey & manage your company in a professional & cost-efficient manner.


    e-Residency’s 5th anniversary was celebrated by events around the world, including Athens.

    In cooperation with the Estonian Embassy, the first e-Residency meet-up in Athens was held on November 25, 2019 with great success!

  • What we offer

    Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity & status that provides entrepreneurs access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment.


    Become an e-Resident

    We handle all aspects of your application to ensure quick approval within 4 weeks. Collect your digital ID card from your local Estonian Embassy or Consul office


    Establish your Company

    We establish your company within 2 business days, set up all necessary apps & services, including online banking facility, and provide necessary training to start running your company


    Manage your Company

    We help you manage, if necesary, your paperless company 100% online without the need to travel, with minimal cost and hassle-free administration

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